The Daily Struggle: Boob Rash

As mentioned last week, I had a wedding this weekend. It was so much fun! I was able to see a lot of my friends from high school that I haven’t seen in quite some time. I struggled with the thought of what to wear and how expensive it is to not only attend but be a part of a wedding, but the struggle I actually faced was the realest of them all… I had to wear a strapless bra.

Now, Trusst currently doesn’t have a strapless bra available, so I had to go with an old underwire bra that I actually borrowed from my mom. This bra was only worn a couple times, and honestly it was my only option. The dress I wore was a shear-backed dress that any bra with straps would be visible and distracting. Surprisingly the bra was not that uncomfortable. It stayed up fairly well throughout the night. However, it was about 90 degrees out that day and the wedding was in a barn, so the bra was probably just stuck to my skin.

After dancing for a bit I noticed that I was starting to get itchy under my breasts. I just ignored it because let’s be honest, I was a little buzzed and I was going to be out of that bra and dress soon enough. Fast forward to three hours from then, and I was still in the bra and dress. Of course we had to stop at the bar before going home. So I suffered for a little longer. 

Eventually we made it home and I immediately ran upstairs to change. Then, the most horrific scene appeared. I literally had the BIGGEST and most irritating rash every under my breast. It looked like someone splashed Kool-Aid under my tits. Now I know that’s not possible because the Kool-Aid man would get knocked out if he came towards my boobs, but I was trying to think of a comparison. I was just standing there in the mirror trying to figure out what it looked like. It was like I was visiting a psychiatrist and they were trying to get me to guess what shape I saw on those ink blot papers. Literally it just looked like a rashy, bumpy mess. Not to mention it was SO itchy. All I wanted to do was scratch.

I creepily said to myself ‘put the lotion under the breasts, Clarice”. If you aren’t familiar with Silence of the Lambs, then you probably won’t find that quote very funny. Needless to say, that strapless bra really irritated my skin. I literally have not had this happen to me for months, because I am usually wearing a Trusst Bra or a bralette that doesn’t have any harsh underwire in it. 

This happened on Saturday and I am still suffering from the rash this bra caused. I did find that a water based ointment or lotion helps to soothe better than regular lotion. Figured I would pass that along in case anyone else suffers from rashes under their breasts. The best remedy for me is wearing a non-traditional underwire bra. Trusst bras have really been my saving grace. I have not been irritated like this since I started wearing them. I will definitely be throwing this underwire bra in a fire soon! Speaking of, if you are in the Pittsburgh area, we will be having a bra burning bonfire at our Showroom! Come burn your crappy bras with me and eat some s’mores!


September 16, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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