The Daily Struggle: Boob Sweat

As women, we are all too familiar with the everyday struggle that happens as we are getting ready, going to work, picking up the kids from school, or whatever it may be. In this series, you are going to find out all about my daily struggles and how they affect me. I encourage you all to share your daily struggles with me as well. Together we can look at those struggles in the face and say “not today”!

Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by boob sweat! Just as I thought, unanimous. For me, boob sweat is a constant daily struggle-- especially in the summer. Boob sweat happens all year round if you have big boobs, but in the summer it is just on a whole different level.

Last night my AC decided to shut off in the middle of the night...and that was just the beginning of this saga. So I wake up, sweaty as all heck, and immediately turn on every fan I can find. One of the worst things to ever encounter is waking up sweaty. It literally felt like the seventh layer of hell, or what I would imagine that to feel like.

Panic set in REAL quick. I already showered the night before and did not give myself enough time to shower again. I just had to power through the getting ready process. The worst part of it all was I had boob sweat like NO other. It was kind of unfair how much boob sweat I had when I literally did nothing but dream. It felt like Niagra Falls relocated to under my boobs. Naturally, I grabbed a towel and just began to wipe away sweat. Eventually, I just ended up taking a hand towel and shoving it under my breasts while I continued to get ready. This did help quite a bit.

This is the part of the story that begins to get better. Although I was sweaty and in a panic, I remembered that the bra that I would be wearing throughout the day had antimicrobial and wicking properties that were going to keep me feeling cool and refreshed the rest of the day. The bra I chose to wear after this catastrophe of a morning was the Naomi convertible bra. This bra was designed with not only D+ women in mind but boob sweaters (Sweaters? Is that a word?) in mind!

It is so refreshing knowing that there is a company (Trusst) out there that really caters to the everyday struggles of big breasted women. I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through the summer so far without my Trusst bras. I can barely tell I am sweating until I take the bra off and I literally say to myself “WOW. I didn’t even know I was sweating that bad”. It is an awesome feeling knowing that you are wearing a product that is helping you forget about some of those daily struggles.



July 30, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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