The Daily Struggle: C is For Chafing

Today’s daily struggle may be a little TMI--”Too Much Information”, or as I like to call it TMI-- “Torturing My Inner-thighs”. That’s right, today’s struggle is brought to you by chafing. Any woman who has experienced chafing understands that warm weather is no friend of ours. Everyone loves summer, but summer also brings sundresses, bathing suits and uncomfortable bra rubbing into the mix.

If your thighs rub, you can’t just throw on a cute sundress and walk out the door. You first have to smack baby powder all over those bad boys like you’re an Olympic gymnast about to perform a bar routine. If there is not a cloud of baby powder in the air, you’re not doing it right. I swear I buy more baby powder than a mom with quadruplets. Or you can just wear a pair of shorts under every dress, but that creates more layers and heat. However, both of these methods get the job done! Until I find something else that works better than baby powder or a set of biker shorts, I will continue slapping these thighs full of dusty talc powder delight.

Another awful chafing area is right under your boobs. If you are a D+ woman, you cannot always get away with not wearing a bra. Yeah, bralettes are great, but so is not feeling your breasts hit against your knees. Big busted girls need support, and most of that support comes from wearing a proper bra. Nothing says summer like a red line of pure chafe under your boobs. The underboob chafe is usually caused by the heat and moisture that is trapped between your body and your bra. Pretty much the heat mixed with boob sweat causes some not so pretty results.

Luckily, I have found my saving grace with Trusst bras. Each bra has a moisture-wicking lining to prevent boob sweat and chafing. This lining helps to keep you feeling cool and fresh all day. Before working at Trusst, I was wearing traditional underwire bras. Those did not help my chafing situation, even with powder or unscented lotions. The chafing always managed to reappear, until I began wearing Trusst bras.

Chafing will always be an issue for most women. Whether it be on their thighs or under their boobs, it is a daily struggle that exists. The good news is, there are brands like Trusst out there that take these issues into consideration when they are developing a product. I highly suggest looking into a Trusst bra if chafing is an issue you are experiencing.



July 31, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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