The Daily Struggle: Hot as Hell

Oh boy… Friday the 13th! Something bad is bound to happen right? Well, luckily nothing too crazy happened today. There were a few struggles though. The main one being the weather. Like why is it 90 degrees in September? It should just automatically turn to 60 degree weather the moment September hits. I cannot deal with this humidity and heat, and neither can my hair. Like I get that it isn’t Fall yet, but damn. Why does it have to be so hot and sticky outside?

September is always the busiest time of the year for me. There are always so many events, weddings, and things to attend. Just in the past week alone I had to attend a wedding and two events. That requires having to get FULL on ready and look good. Do you know how hard it is to get ready when your room is 89 degrees? I could have 18 fans blowing in my face and it still doesn’t cut it. The worst is when you are sweaty and you can’t find an outfit to wear. Panic sets in, and you begin to sweat even more. 

I literally tried on 17 outfits. Not even kidding. Each and every one was ripped from my body in pure anger and fury. Nothing says trying to keep cool like angrily trying on a ton of outfits. I was just a heaping ball of sweat, disgust, and frustration. It just sucks when you are not one of those people who can set out an outfit and that one works perfectly for you. I am one of those people who have to base my outfit on my mood and how my body looks that day. I wish I was one of those people that just looked amazing in everything I put on. That just doesn’t happen. I always end up being a bloated, haggard mess every time I need to look presentable. It’s BS.

But do you know what the number one worst thing to do is when you’re hot? Putting a bra on. Whether you put the bra on by reaching behind or your do the hook and spin method, it still sucks. Nothing is worse than having to try and spin a bra around when you are just dripping with sweat. The bra doesn’t even want to move. You have to literally use all your might to swing this bad boy around. I literally cracked my back the other day trying to do this. It was ROUGH. The only good thing is that once it is on there is a sigh of relief. I also love that I basically only wear Trusst bras now, so that boob sweat is OUTTA here once I actually get the bra on. My Trusst bra is basically the only thing that keeps me sane and cool during the hot months. 

Does anyone else have this issue? I cannot be the only one sweating for 2 months straight. What do you ladies do to stay cool while you get ready? And how do you pick an outfit when you literally hate everything you own or put on? I need some help!



September 13, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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