The Daily Struggle: Periods

Today’s daily struggle is more like a monthly struggle… Yeah, that’s right, this post is all about getting your period. If you don’t feel like hearing some real stuff right now, go ahead and click that little red “x” at the top of your screen before this goes too far. Periods are the realest struggle that all women can relate to. Some women handle getting their period effortlessly. Whereas I literally turn into the most dramatic monster the world has ever seen.

It is actually super unfair how much your period affects you even when you don’t have it yet. The build-up to the main event is just as bad as actually having it. I’m talking about cramps. I’m talking about eating everything in sight. I’m talking about being too bloated to function. It really sucks that out of the whole month maybe one week of it is pure freedom from the treacherous grasp of Aunt Flow. The week right before I get my period is usually the worst. Number one, I am always on edge waiting for my period to appear. Number two, the cramps the week before the blood starts flowing actually feels like someone is taking a Louisville Slugger to my reproductive system. And finally, I will eat everything in sight. I eat more than Shaggy and Scooby-Doo combined. Snack after snack. Meal after meal. Yet nothing satisfies me. I am an actual monster.

Not to mention, I am an emotional mess when that time of the month rolls around. If someone even looks at me wrong I will cry like a B***h! Like when did I become so emotional? During my period I act like a crybaby demon. If someone makes me mad I think I actually set fire. The only things that make me feel joy during this time are food, sleep and not being bothered with nonsense. Basically, I am a pile of trash. 

I don’t remember having all of these issues when I was younger. I felt like I ate less when I was actually on my period. As I get older I feel like my period takes out at least 75% of the month. I remember when my first period arrived. It was the most confusing day of my life. I was 11 years old and in fifth grade. I wasn’t really prepared for it to happen. I just remember my mom telling me that I might become a woman soon. And I just thought I was going to grow a set of tits and run on a beach like Pam Anderson. I didn’t know that becoming a woman was going to look like a crime scene. I nearly passed out when I saw blood coming from an unusual area. I thought I left a red marker in my back pocket and it leaked into my underwear. Nope, just womanhood. I mean, what a traumatizing experience for an 11-year-old with no understanding of what passing an egg really means. 

I think that every girl should be more knowledgeable about their bodies and what exactly a period is. They should know why they get it, what to expect when on it, and how to use feminine products. Seeing my first tampon was a memorable moment. I remember being so scared to use one. I didn’t understand that I had to actually put that thing where the sun doesn’t shine. Anyways, it went well and I found that I liked using tampons much more than pads. Pads feel like you’re wearing an actual diaper. Why would I want to feel that way all day? No thanks. Either way, it is very important for us to educate our children on the trials and tribulations of getting your period.

Talking about your period is NOT taboo. It is something that should be discussed amongst women, and the world. Without periods, the chocolate industry will suffer, and more importantly, there would be no us. Share your menstruation situation below! 



August 13, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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