The Daily Struggle: Rain, Rain, Go Away

Thursday is usually a great day of the week. Why you may ask? Well, probably because it can also be called ‘Friday Eve”. It is the third best day of the week (my opinion). First is Saturday because you can sleep in and relax. Friday is the second best day because you can go to happy hour after work and not have to worry about waking up early the next day. And Thursday is the third best because you are wrapping up the week and getting ready for the weekend or as I like to call it the “BREekend”.

Sadly today did not go as planned. Despite waking up tired as all heck, the day did not start off too bad. But then the clouds began to roll in. Like actual clouds filled with thunderous rage. Of course this was around the time that I wanted to go get lunch. My coworker and I still decided to leave and go to grab some food. It was only lightly drizzling when we left work, but of course when we needed to get out of the car it was POURING. 

Let me just say, running in the rain in sandals takes skill. I could’ve fell several times, but instead I skidded across the water like Aquaman. I don’t know if he runs on the water, but you get the picture. I thought I was dodging raindrops left and right. Once I got inside I realized that I was super drenched. One of the worst feelings in the world is wet jeans. They were just clinging to my skin. I bet if I tried to take them off I would’ve had to call Jaws of Life to cut me out. Just dripping with rain water.

Although the sky did not open up and the sun did not shine down, I did end up getting a bomb lunch. When was the worst time that you were ever caught in the rain? Or in any storm for that matter? I love hearing about your daily struggles!


August 22, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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