The Daily Struggle: Self-Doubt

Today’s daily struggle is more of a feeling that can hold you back from seizing your opportunities-- self-doubt. Self-doubt can be a persuasive voice that is constantly holding you back from your true potential. Recently, this has been something that I have been struggling with. I am going to provide you with some outlook on how I am able to kick self-doubt to the curb when it begins to set in.

Self-doubt makes starting something hard, but finishing something even harder. It is a good thing to be aware that there are limitations in life, but you cannot let those feelings hold you back from executing your ideas, creations and more. So, how does one get around that feeling of self-doubt? The first step is recognizing that there is an issue, and then working on ways to resolve it.

First, you can start by putting a stop to the creeping stream of discouragement that comes with self-doubt. I find that mentally shouting at myself works the best. Something like “NO. Don’t even start”. This usually helps to disrupt the pattern of self-doubting thoughts and allows you to refocus mentally. Shouting at your inner self may sound a bit crazy, but this is just a step I take to rid myself of those discouraging thoughts. If there is a better route you would like to take, that is just up to you. Stopping the thoughts in their tracks is a good starting point. 

The next thing I usually do when self-doubt begins to take over is I start to reminisce on past experiences where I doubted myself. It is important to be real with yourself and address the issues that you are feeling or have felt. Think about times when self-doubt got in the way. What made you doubt yourself? What was the result because of the doubt you felt? Did a negative thing happen as a result of ignoring your doubt and taking action? If you think about what was preventing you from taking action, it will help you to realize that self-doubt is just there to keep you from taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone. There were a few times where ignoring my self-doubt resulted in a negative outcome. It is okay to take action. 

Try talking to someone about your self-doubt. Chances are your inner thoughts are much more exaggerated and not very realistic when it comes to real-world expectations. Chatting with someone is a really good way to get the clarity you need. Also, just saying things out loud is sometimes necessary. I love hearing my ideas or thoughts out loud because it resonates differently with me. Usually, I think about how dumb my idea or thoughts I am having are. It helps me to move forward in a more progressive and positive way. 

One of the most important steps in ridding yourself from doubt is to stop comparing yourself to others and their successes. Just because someone got a promotion or engaged, doesn’t mean that they are more successful than you. Think about all of the things that you have overcome. Think about the amazing experiences and opportunities you have and have had. Falling into the comparison trap is a dark place. Nip it in the bud and focus on how you can create success for yourself. 

It is also important to note that people don’t really care too much about what you do or say. It might sting a little, but it is the truth. People have their hands full with their own lives and issues. They are not going to be too worried about what you do or don’t do unless it directly affects them. However, when someone criticizes you it is easy to begin to doubt yourself. Criticism and rejection are common things. They are sometimes painful and put you in a discouraging place. It is important to stay optimistic and learn from the critiques and rejections. I used to get so upset when people would criticize my work. Now all I want is feedback. I find that constructive criticism pushes most people to their full potential. Living through rejection and criticism makes you a stronger and more knowledgeable person. So let people push you. Let them doubt you. Just do not let their doubts make you doubt yourself.

Every setback in life is only temporary. Remember, you are not a failure just because you failed. When you have a setback in life, you begin to see through a dark lens of doubt. Refocus and take advantage of the things you learned during the setback or failure. The way you react to a negative thing is what can keep you from either falling into more negativity or pushing forward. Self-doubt will set in during these times, but remember that these are simply moments and moments do not last forever,

Finally, the most important step is to allow yourself time to recharge. Self-doubt sets in the most whenever you are overworking yourself or not spending enough time caring for your mental and physical health. Treat yourself with a day of relaxation or pampering. My favorite thing to do to recharge is going to the movies. There is just something so relaxing and delightful about going to the movies. I love that it allows me to escape reality and enter another world. I get to see other people work out their issues and not have to worry about working out my own. Whether your thing is going to the movies or not, find something that allows you to relax and fuel positivity.

Self-doubt is a constant daily struggle. How you deal with the doubt that is forming inside of you is what allows you to excel in life, work and happiness. I hope that some of my tips are helpful to any of you self doubters out there! If you have any other tips for getting out of a negative state of mind, please share them with me. The more we help each other, the more we succeed.

August 06, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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