The Daily Struggle: Shapewear - Friend or Foe?

Today’s Daily Struggle is brought to you by the letter S for shapewear. Shapewear is essential for most women. It allows them to feel secure and smooth throughout the day. It is a great foundational piece, but there is nothing more uncomfortable than wearing shapewear all day. Sure, it makes you look good, but it rolls, pokes and makes going to the bathroom very difficult. 

As a plus-size woman, it was always forced upon me to dress appropriately for my body type or to wear undergarments that make me appear smaller or more shapely. I still wear shapewear and dress for my body type, but I certainly have been taking more risks and not being afraid to show that I do have a belly, rolls, and thick thighs. The perception of beauty is changing, and that right there is a beautiful thing. 

Recently, I’ve decided that I would rather have my gut hang out then have to shove my body into a pair of control-top panties that make me feel like a cased sausage all day. It’s uncomfortable. You don’t see men having to go through the things we do. Men are usually the first ones to say something about someone’s imperfections hanging out when they have no room to talk. Until they have to know the struggles of contorting their body into a spandex panty, I don’t want to hear it. 

Today I decided to wear a bodysuit with a pair of skinny jeans. I was feeling a little bloated so I decided to wear some shapewear panties. All day I just kept adjusting them. They were rolling down the back, causing wedgies, and making it very difficult to sit comfortably all day. However, one of the sweetest sighs of relief was taking those bad boys off at the end of the day. Has anyone ever watched the Little Mermaid? (if you haven’t then shame on you). Anyway, at the end Ursula unfolds from the body she was pretending to be in to fool Prince Eric. She literally unravels from this body and is back to her true curvy, octopus form. That is what it is like when you take off shapewear. It is like a body explosion of pure relief, joy and happiness...and potentially utter terror.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with shapewear, but boy is it uncomfortable. I look up to the women who totally rid themselves of wearing shapewear. They are inspiring and truly embracing their bodies and self-love. It is all about what you feel comfortable in, and your comfort in your own skin. I can go on forever talking about how powerful women are because of the things we put ourselves through just to entertain societies standards. (And I will!) 

Being comfortable every day is a constant daily struggle. Whether it is being comfortable in your body, skin, or tight shapewear, these are the struggles most women have to deal with every single day. The conversation about self-love and body positivity is never over. If you are also a plus-size woman, I want to know more about what you struggle with when it comes to shopping, wearing shapewear, and overall body acceptance. Together we can keep the conversation going and learn from each other, while we inspire each other.



August 01, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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