The Daily Struggle: Swearing

Today at work we decided to try to make it through the day at work without swearing. By we, I mean my co-workers and I. We decided to give it a try, because we honestly swear more than a boat full of sailors. I mean it’s not like swearing offends anyone here, I just think we wanted to do it as a challenge to ourselves. We didn’t last very long, but it was worth a shot.

Chelsey swore within the first 30 minutes. I knew she would be the first one to crack. Leave it to her to throw the whole thing off! Nirmal is still holding down the fort. He is the only one who hasn’t sworn yet. Good for him, but also screw him for beating me at something. Lauren and Bill didn’t last too long. They both have kids at home that they don’t swear in front of (obviously)-- being able to swear at work is the outlet they need. Lauren was really sad that she had to refrain from swearing for most of the day. 

Honestly the thing I struggled with most was that people wouldn’t find me as funny if I didn’t swear. I feel like I rely on swearing when it comes to comedy. But my best joke of the day was about the way Nirmal was eating his sandwich. Which was honestly barbaric! After I had everyone in tears, I realized I was able to make a hilarious joke without swearing. It made not swearing a little bit easier. I mean, I did end up swearing, but at least I wasn’t the first! 

Does anyone else have a hard time with swearing? I feel like people swear A LOT these days. I mean, it’s not that bad of a habit, but probably should not be done as much in the workplace. However, this is a start up, so who gives a shit?



September 20, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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