The Daily Struggle: Zodiac Sign Excuses

You know what is the one thing I struggle with a lot? Using zodiac signs as an excuse for my behavior and for others behaviors. I am a big astrology nerd. I love reading my horoscope and feeding into the accuracy of it. I know all about what it means when moons and suns move into your house. There is a lot that goes into it. Some people think it’s a crock of shit, but I think it is super accurate most of the time. However, I do use it as an excuse for my feelings and actions-- which is a little too much.

Recently I have been struck with a lot of luck in the romance department. Mind you, most of the flings did not work out, but the most recent date did go really well. However, I found myself doing nothing but searching compatibility regarding our zodiac signs. I mean, I believe that someone’s zodiac sign does play a part in the way they are emotionally and some of the personality traits they have. However, my reading into this potential zodiac pairing was getting out of hand. I also found myself bringing it up a lot during the conversation with this person. Like that is not what makes us attracted to each other or fully who we are. I mean, I believe in it and think some of the stuff is super accurate, but it does not need to be brought up 24/7.

I also found recently that I will do something and be like “Oh, sorry that was very Libra of me”. I would almost blame things I have said or done on my zodiac sign. Like no, I couldn’t make that decision because they both sucked and I didn’t want to pick either so I blamed my indecisiveness on my sign which often times is known for being bad decision makers. I also find myself constantly trying to be the center of attention and blame that obnoxiousness on being a Libra. I mean, at least I can recognize that I do this. I also know a bunch of other people who do this too and I think it is super annoying. Why does me doing it make it any better?

Also, what guy gives a shit if there is a moon in your house or that Libra and Aquarius are powerful together? The answer is, they could care less. Talking about zodiac signs on a date is just like having a zit on picture day. It is annoying and not going to result in anything great. I will continue to read my horoscope and believe in astrology, I am just going to start being more aware of when I am talking about it. I also am going to stop using it as an excuse for my actions that might suck. It is not an excuse. I act on situations the way I do based on the situation, not if Venus entered by House. Now, if Mercury is in Retrograde, then that is different. Everyone sucks then and everyone can use it as an excuse. Literally the only exception. 

Does anyone else find astrology fascinating? Does anyone else do what I do or am I just a complete ass? It’s okay if I am. I am working on it. Also, if you do enjoy daily horoscopes and more, download the Co-- Star app! It is life changing.



October 02, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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