The Fit Experience: A Peek Inside Our Pittsburgh Showroom

“Tell me a little bit about your current bra situation”. These words are the first thing you will hear when you walk into our Pittsburgh Showroom. This space was created to give you a place to have an open conversation about your bra issues, experiences and more. More importantly, it gives the entire community an opportunity to touch, feel and try all of our products before ordering. 

The Pittsburgh Showroom is currently the only physical location for women to come to get fitted and try on all of the current products before purchasing online. You will first be measured to find your bust and band measurements. From there, you will be sized into your Trusst size and begin trying on multiple Trusst bra styles. Bra Experts will work with you until you find a bra that makes you feel beautiful, supported, and comfortable. 

Customers are able to schedule an appointment for a fitting time on our website or drop by if that’s easier. This gives them the opportunity to have a free, private fitting that allows the focus to be solely on the customer and their experience. We understand that bra fittings can be stressful and uncomfortable, but we are breaking that mold with our new Showroom. 

The goal of our Showroom is not just to allow women to try our products, but to be a safe space for them to come and feel welcomed. Our team has been working to bring more events, speakers, and opportunities into the space by teaming up with other local Pittsburgh companies, groups and people. We want our space to offer women a place to be among other empowering individuals and to feel inspired.

Appointments can be scheduled through the Showroom Page of our website. If you are not a local Pittsburgh customer, we suggest reaching out to our Bra Experts for assistance with sizing, fit, and style. Our team is always available at to answer any questions you may have.

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July 18, 2019 by Trusst Brands
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