The Weekly Win: Work Traditions

It’s Wednesday! You know what that means-- It’s time for some Weekly Wins! When I think of Wednesdays I think of wine, and when I think of wine I think of WIN. Probably because the word wine has the word win in it. Anyways, today is Wine Down Wednesday at work. What that means is we pretty much just drink wine and work. Our CEO, Bill, had the idea that each of us creates a tradition for each day of the week. Sounds like a weekly win right? We thought so too. 

Here is the schedule of events:

Sundae Monday- Lauren our Production Manager came up with this one because she is the coolest person around and knows there is no better way to start off the week than with ice cream!

Fasting Tuesday-  This was chosen by Nirmal, our Principal Analyst. It is a tradition in his family to fast on Tuesdays. However, he literally eats about 12 bananas every Tuesday and says it’s a part of the fasting… I don’t think he actually knows what fasting means. Anyways, we have to starve on this day until the sun goes down. Work is not fun on this day!

Wine Down Wednesdays- Brought to you by none other than Chelsey our Creative Director. Who doesn’t love wine in the middle of the week? She’s the best.

Vegetarian Thursdays- Our Graphic Designer Amanda is a vegetarian and will be making us some delicious veggie-based dishes to give us a taste of the vegetarian life!

FRYday- Clearly this day is mine. Who else would dedicate a whole day to eat fries or fried food? Honestly, I only chose this because I love a good alliteration, but I am sure my double-decker cheesy ranch fries will be a hit. 

I mean how could this week not be a win with all of these amazing traditions going on? But I am really curious as to where Bill’s tradition fits in? This is why he is the head honcho and full of brains. He purposely planned it so that he doesn’t have a day. I mean that might be for the best. I’ve had his banana bread and it wasn’t award-winning to say the least!

With these traditions, it allows us to grow closer as a team and have something to look forward to every day. The one thing I can say about working here at Trusst is that there is no shortage of fun! Whether we are drinking wine at work, having a peanut butter & jelly making competition, or making Nirmal dance in the streets to Bon Jovi, this place is full of good times and great people. That right there is a weekly win in itself. 


August 28, 2019 by Trusst Brands



bb said:

Im coming with a new banana bread recipe!

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