Trusst the BAST™: Innovative Plus-Size Bra Design

You may be wondering what makes Trusst bras the most comfortable plus-size bras on the market. You may even have heard a little about the Trusst BAST™ support system and want to understand how it works -- and what it will do for you. We wrote this article to illuminate how our revolutionary technology is changing the game for fuller-figured women across the U.S. by providing them with unparalleled all-day support and comfort.

First things first: What is BAST™?

BAST™ is the revolutionary bra support technology behind Trusst. It stands for Breast Advanced Support Technology™ and was conceived by our founder, Sophia Berman, who used her background in industrial design as the basis for the Trusst bra design. Inspired by the same scientific principles that structural engineers use in bridge construction, the BAST™ system is totally underwire-free. It works by supporting from underneath, lifting over 80% of breast weight in order to maximize comfort and minimize stress points. Perfecting the shape and feel of our bras took around 2 years, over 300 prototypes, and plenty of real customer feedback, and we -- and, more importantly, our customers -- couldn’t be happier with the result.

So, why does the BAST™ system make Trusst bras so comfortable?

The BAST™ system provides lift and support from underneath.

The principal engineering feature in our design is the bridge truss, a structure used in bridges to redistribute weight by lifting from the bottom up. Like the truss, our bras are uniquely crafted to elevate your breasts, providing you with all-day relief by redistributing your breast weight evenly across your chest and torso.

This game-changing technology means our bras alleviate stress from the common pain points faced by larger-breasted women. And by eliminating neck, shoulder, and back strain from your daily routine, Trusst bras not only improve your posture, but also give you the satisfaction you deserve, no matter what you’re doing.

The BAST™ system is the perfect solution to poking underwire.

In addition to lifting your breasts, the BAST™ system replaces the traditional underwire with a three-dimensional polymer structure embedded within a foam cup. Our cups are cushioned with a plush foam and designed to be as light and unnoticeable as possible, so they won’t create a visible bra outline. That means you’ll no longer have to strategize about how many layers to wear to avoid troublesome bra lines or spend time worrying about how to stop your bra from showing through your shirt. Additionally, by removing underwire from the equation, we’ve also eliminated issues with pesky underwires or metal digging into your ribcage.

(If you want a light-as-air feel but full-coverage cups, look no further than our Naomi).

The BAST™ system means our straps provide support without digging in.

Our bra structure wouldn’t be complete without one key element: Our bra straps. Trusst bras come with wide, foam-cushioned straps that support you without leaving welts, bruises, or marks in your shoulders. Our BAST™ system means your bra will no longer solely rely on its straps to carry your breast weight. Furthermore, every part of our bras is designed to gently hug your body without feeling too tight or too loose, and this means you won’t have to readjust your straps at any point during the day.

The BAST™ system is finished with a jersey lining that’ll keep you cool all day long.

Perhaps one of our favorite features of Trusst bras is what they’re made of. Our bras are lined with a high-tech, cooling jersey fabric that is specially formulated to be both antimicrobial and wicking, so you’ll stay dry and fresh no matter what. Like other carefully engineered synthetic fabrics, our jersey lining “wicks” away moisture by drawing sweat away from your body. This makes Trusst bras incredibly high-performance: You can wear them to work, around the house, and even on hikes without worrying about boob sweat.

Additionally, our jersey lining is as smooth and silky-soft as your favorite T-shirt, meaning you’ll never have problems with rashes or chafing. And an added bonus? It’s highly durable: although our jersey fabric is crafted to feel just like cotton, it is eight times stronger and will last six times as long. You’ll be able to wear your Trusst bra without having to worry about major wear and tear after several washes!

(Check out our T-shirt bra, the Marjory, for a sleek soft finish.)

Engineered by women for women, Trusst is committed to lifting women across the globe up in every way. We’ve meticulously designed both the interior and exterior of our bras to bring you unmatched comfort and support, and we’re proud to say that women everywhere are raving about our bras. If you want further proof, check out the reviews for our most popular product, the Naomi, to see why our customers believe the BAST™ system makes our bras the most supportive bras for D+ women.

Now that you’ve read all about the technology behind our lingerie, it’s time to test them out for yourself! Visit our Pittsburgh headquarters or place an order online to see -- and feel -- how we’re reshaping bras for D+ women everywhere.

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August 13, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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