Underwire Bra Problems - How Trusst Solves Them

If you are a woman who has needed to wear a bra in the 20th Century, you have likely worn an underwire bra. How can we make that assumption? Well, because the only bras out in the market for approximately the last 100 years have been underwire bras. Now, we know that in the last few years there have also been some wireless, or wire-free, bras as well, but those aren’t really bought for support, but rather solely for comfort. In 2014, that all changed when our founder, Sophia, decided that that just wasn’t enough for women who have been endowed with larger breasts. She invented our patented bra support technology that is used in every one of our bra designs. It is both super supportive an incredibly comfortable. You really can have it all!

We will share some typical issues that women deal with when it comes to underwire bras and also tell you how Trusst is solving those problems. You won’t believe the impact that a Trusst bra can have on your daily life.

Common Problems with Underwire Bras

  • Back and shoulder pain
  • Shoulders dents
  • Poking wires
  • Chafing/Rashes
  • Boob sweat

How Trusst Solves Your Underwire Problems

  • Because of the way in which our patented bra support technology works, you will no longer experience the extreme shoulder and back pain that you have become accustomed to at this point. The design was engineered and inspired by a bridge “truss” which supports from underneath, just like our bras. Since they support from your core, the weight is not fully held up by your shoulder straps and band.
  • With the weight and pressure taken off of your shoulders, those painful shoulder dents are a thing of the past. Free your shoulders this summer!
  • We don’t have metal wires; our structure is a molded polymer plastic. No poking here!
  • All of our bras are lined with a soft jersey material that doesn't rub or chafe your nipples.
  • In addition to the soft feel of the lining, it also has antimicrobial and wicking properties which take care of that pesky boob sweat. It doesn’t get rid of it by any means, but you won’t even notice that you are sweating because the sweat is drawn away from the area.

Haven’t tried a Trusst bra yet? We encourage you to check out our Marjory T-shirt bra for a classic everyday style OR if you want something more versatile, grab one of our Naomi: The Essential bras in a variety of colors. To find your Trusst size, head over to our Size Calculator or reach out to one of our Bra Experts for fit and sizing guidance.

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May 30, 2019 by Trusst Brands

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