Your Day In a Trusst Bra

We have all experienced the agony of wearing an uncomfortable bra and racing to your front door to take that torture device off. When all you can think about all day is ripping off your bra, it can be pretty distracting. Pulling, twisting, and adjusting is not something that we want to be doing all day - it’s time for a change. 

Imagine your day without all the discomfort. 

8:00 AM - It’s morning, you have had your coffee and are getting ready for the day. 

8:15 AM - You figure out what you’re wearing for the day.  

8:30 AM - Time to get dressed. You slip on your brand new Trusst bra (Naomi convertible bra).

9:00 AM - You head off to work (or school or running errands).

10:00 AM - You arrive at work and the day begins. The second cup of coffee is a must-have.  

12:00 PM - It’s time for lunch. Wow, I still feel really comfortable and my back doesn't hurt. 

1:00 PM - You find your seat for a 1-hour meeting. You’re presenting your strategy. Thanks to your Trusst bra, all that nervous sweat doesn't phase you - that moisture is wicked away. 

2:30 PM - You nailed your presentation! Time for more coffee. How else will you make it through your day?

5:00 PM - Time to head home. First, you have to stop at the store to pick up a few things for dinner. 

6:00 PM - You arrive home. Change into some comfy clothes - wow, your bra is still going strong and feeling good. Ready to start cooking. 

8:00 PM - Cleanup time. You and your partner clean up after dinner, do the dishes, get dessert. Doesn't everyone require something sweet after dinner? 

9:00 PM - Sit down to watch your fave show. You can’t believe how easy it is to lounge in your bra. 

11:00 PM - Ready for bed! You finally take off your bra and can’t believe how long you made it. Your back and shoulders feel incredible, and no red marks or indentations. Wow. 

Are you ready for all-day comfort and support? Try one of our revolutionary bras: t-shirt, convertible, and front closure to experience the difference a Trusst bra can make. Need help with sizing and fit? Reach out to our Bra Experts for help. 

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August 01, 2019 by Trusst Brands
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