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What Makes Trusst Different?

When it comes to bras, the D+ woman has had to deal with a range of issues:

Shoulder dents, Boob sweat, Back pain, Poking!

Wires have been a fact of life. That's because D+ bras have typically just been larger versions of AA bras.
Leave it to a small group of women to change all that.


Your Trusst bra is the result of years of research, consumer interviews, advanced engineering, and technical design. Trusst’s foundation in science means that we live and breathe weight distribution, stress points, and high-tech materials.

Traditional bras rely almost exclusively on shoulder straps to pull the cups up. We’ve engineered our cup to liftfrom underneath and cradle your breast in a comfortable molded plastic structure paired with a layer of high-tech cushioning. This unique, patented system is like no other bra and lifts over 80% of breast weight from the cup itself, giving unparalleled support and taking that weight off your shoulders and back.

How do we know we’re getting it right?

Our customers tell us.


“The Holy Grail”
“Finally!! I'm a 40F. Honestly, this is the most comfortable bra I've had in 20 years.”
“No more back pain.”
“Does magic for my profile.”
“It made me realize just how uncomfortable all my other bras - even the really good ones - actually are.”
“This is an engineering marvel. Thank you! Thank you!”
We’re happy you found us. We can’t wait to share this bra with you and hear what you think.